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Welcome to official site of VivendoByte Fsx Logger!

VivendoByte Fsx Logger is a software that records a flight with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

VivendoByte Fsx Logger is a black-box per all aircrafts available in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, both airplanes and helicopters. This software works with default aircrafts, or third-party aircraft (sold and purchased separetely). At the end of flight, you can examine registered data in two different mode: with Google Earth or using a spreadhseet (like Microsoft Excel 97 or newer, or with Open Office).

With Google Earth data analysis, you can see your flight with a three-dimensional representation, using all the data detected during the flight (latitude, longitude and altitude), in order to draw a trace on the virtual sky of Google Maps. Please see "Data Analysis" section for more information.

VivendoByte Fsx Logger was created with the closed collaboration of Piloti Virtuali Italiani: thanks to all, because without them, this software would never be born.